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Get Rid Of Hemorrhoids

Do you suffer from hemorrhoids?  If so you are probably looking for a natural hemorrhoid treatment that works, that brings relief from the shame and suffering that you are experiencing.   Many products are available, the most popular being Preparation H.  Preparation H has been advertised for years and years but it is not natural and so it is best to look for other solutions.

The pain and suffering from hemorrhoids is a lot to bare but when you add to it the humiliation of soiled clothes caused by anal leakage you really want a solution.

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The front line for all natural treatment is the Sitz Bath.

A Sitz Bath is Epsom Salts, or even common table salt in a pinch, dissolved in warm water; about 1/2 cup per gallon.  The sufferer then sits in the bath for 15 minutes to 1/2 hour with his cheeks spread in such a way that the liquid comes in contact with the affected area.  This can be done in a bath tub or with a toilet attachment that can be bought inexpensively at the drug store.  The healing liquid cleans the area as it reduces the swelling.  After a few treatments your condition will likely improve a lot.

The Sitz Bath can be followed by wiping with Witch Hazel which is a natural astringent that will bring relief and begin to shrink the hemorrhoids right away.

A Big Problem Faced By Hemorrhoid Sufferers

The biggest problem faced by hemorrhoid sufferers is cleaning themselves after a bowel movement.  Often the cleaning is incomplete and after a while leakage begins that can soak through and soil your clothes.  If you are home you usually have more resources to deal with this, you can also easily go back to the toilet to deal with it.  When you are away from home though you need to learn to be proactive.  If you use a little Witch Hazel on the toilet paper it will help avoid the problem, lacking that lotion such as supplied in hotel rooms can be put on the paper before wiping.  It will help get you clean and avoid the problems.  If you fail to adequately clean yourself you may find the area further irritated with bleeding following and a more difficult problem to contain.

Getting clean and keeping clean is an important part of naturally treating hemorrhoids.  If you can accomplish this you can avoid most of the major problems associated with hemorrhoids.  Those who have been unable to treat and control their hemorrhoids may have advanced to a more difficult stage where the hemorrhoids are so big they actually hang out.  This can happen both inside and outside of the anus (see the picture above).  In this case you may need to find more advanced strategies to treat your hemorrhoids.

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It is said that 40% of all adults will experience hemorrhoids at sometime in their lives.  Most choose the simple route of grabbing a creme at the drug store.  These treatments, despite the advertising claims, seldom work.  At best they put you in a holding pattern where you buy more of the cream every month.

Overweight people and women who bear children are the most likely hemorrhoid suffers but no one is exempt from getting them, even children.  Children and their parents often don’t realize what is happening when the child constantly has soiled underwear, this could very well be from hemorrhoids rather than from poor sanitary habits.

You will also find help by eating high fiber foods.  There is a lot of truth to the statement that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”  The nutrients and fiber in apples have proven to be of great benefit in combating hemorrhoids and is a simple way to put more fiber in your diet.  The nutrients in the apples are also effective at reinforcing the weakened vein walls of the vessels surrounding the anus and can help prevent them from forming hemorrhoids.

Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment


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