External Hemorrhoid Treatment

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You can treat external hemorrhoids naturally and get rid of them.  To keep them gone you will need to make a few life style changes. Here is one that you should start working on first.  Get enough fiber in your diet. Hemorrhoids are a disease of civilization, we have processed everything and it’s tough to get enough good fiber. Start eating more vegetables and fruits. Adding a red apple everyday is a good place to start. This will help prevent the need to push too hard when you have a bowel movement and the micro nutrients also play their part.

Here are a couple of things to reduce pain and swelling while you are curing the hemorrhoids.

1. Alternate heat and ice packs on the area to relieve pain and reduce swelling.

2. Apply a cream made of vitamin E, Witch Hazel, citrus and herbs. You can find these in stores or make your own. If this is difficult for you to find or make, just grab a bottle of witch hazel and apply it to the area.

3. Take sitz baths. A sitz bath is soaking the anal area in a warm saltwater bath (regular salt works but Epsom Salts is better). Add a cup of the salts to a shallow warm bath then sit with your legs pulled up to your chest. This opens the buttocks and allows the bath to reach the anal area. This will both clean the area and help shrink the hemorrhoids. Doing this 2 or 3 times a day you will soon notice an improvement and your hemorrhoids will begin to fade away.


Find out more about how to cure external hemorrhoids: find natural hemorrhoid cures all the way from Sitz Bath and Witch Hazel, to the onion and garlic cure, to centuries old Chinese herbal treatments.

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