Hemorrhoids – Suffering Alone Or Breaking Free With a Natural Hemorrhoids Cure

A crystal of alum
Alum, Sometimes Used To Treat Hemorrhoids

By Renee Pullman

Typically hemorrhoids sufferers suffer alone: hemorrhoids are not a topic for general discussion due to the embarrassing and gross nature of the condition. Because of this many miss out on learning about natural or alternative treatments. They may also fail to learn what is happening during the early stages and so fail to take effective steps early on. This delay can result in a more serious level of hemorrhoids.

Stick around because we will be talking about some basic steps to treat your hemorrhoids and find a natural hemorrhoids cure.

Hemorrhoids is often caused by increased pressure in the abdominal area. The increased pressure reduces the blood flow in the anal area, to compensate these vessels dilate or open up. So if you are straining while using the toilet, then you are causing this dilation. At the same time you are probably straining because your stools are hard and the pressure of these coming out also puts pressure on these vessels and these factors together help form hemorrhoids.

Pregnancy also adds pressure and may cause hemorrhoids although these are normally temporary as long as you deal with them as they happen. Normally Sitz Bath and some topical treatment will keep them under control. After you deliver they will go away in a short time and you can stop the treatments.

For most though, hemorrhoids are caused by bad diets, obesity, improper lifting, and constipation due to the bad diet. There are a number of treatments both with medicines and surgery as well as by natural means. Hemorrhoids are one of the diseases of civilization, meaning that a bad diet of processed foods is a primary cause for most of us.

Here are a couple of natural methods that most can use to heal their hemorrhoids.

1. Sitz Bath: this is a warm bath to which you can add salt or better yet, Epsom Salts. The warm water both cleans and causes the veins to dilate bringing more blood flow and relieving pain.

2. Witch Hazel: this is an astringent and one effective way to use it is to pour some on your toilet paper and use it to help clean yourself. The Witch Hazel will help cleanse the area and remove bacteria and it will also cause dilation and help relieve the pain.

3. If you combine the immediate relief of 1 and 2 with some dietary changes you can get rid of hemorrhoids forever. Dietary changes involve eating more natural foods and getting more fiber into your diet. If you don’t know how to do this, start eating red apples everyday.

These are just a few of the natural means for treating hemorrhoids. You don’t have to suffer, you don’t have to have expensive medical procedures, you just have to get back in step with the way your body works and it will do the right thing and your hemorrhoids will heal.

Use a natural hemorrhoids cure to get hemorrhoids out of your life.

Take action at the earliest symptoms and avoid the pain and embarrassment that hemorrhoid sufferers endure. I invite you to visit http://naturalhemorrhoidtreatment.org/KnowingIfYouHaveHemorrhoids/ for a free report to help you understand hemorrhoids and more tips and information to cure your hemorrhoids.

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    Thank you for this great post. The best treatment for hemorrhoids is home treatment. It is very embarrassing if you have hemorrhoids. One method you can use is sitz bath treatment. You can also put ice packs on the affected areas to help you shrink your hemorrhoids. Cheers and keep up the good work.

    Carolyn from natural cure for hemorrhoids

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