Hemroid Treatment

hemroid treatmentSelf Hemroid Treatment — Yes, You Can Cure Your Hemroids

Hemroid treatment, hemorrhoids treatment, it makes little difference.  Hemorid, we are talking about the same nasty condition that doctors using traditional medical approaches fail to help. How can you help your hemorid condition, what is the best hemroid treatment?

There are many natural treatments for hemroids that have been around for centuries.  The ancient Chinese used herbs, acupuncture, and a variety of techniques that your doctor has never heard of for hemroid treatment.

Here are some less exotic hemroid treatment methods:

  1. Sitz bath, this is a great place to start your hemroid treatment.  A sitz bath is usually performed in a special tub that sits on your toilet.  You put a solution of Epsom salts (you can also use regular salt) and warm water in it, then sit so the anal area can soak.  This can also be performed in a bath tub filled with just enough water to cover the affected area.
  2. Witch Hazel, this is an old hemroid treatment.  Witch hazel can be bought at any drug store and acts as an astringent to shrink the hemroids.   The witch hazel can even be used to help clean yourself.  Often hemroid sufferers have difficulty cleaning after a bowel movement.  Witch hazel can be poured on the toilet paper and will help you clean.
  3. Onion and garlic minced together can be put around the area and wiped away after a few minutes and the area cleaned with witch hazel.

These are all hemroid treatments that can help you.  If your condition is severe you can still benefit from natural and inexpensive hemroid treatment.

(Hemroid Is A Common Misspelling For Hemorrhoid)

Hemroid Treatment

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