Herbal Treatments For Hemorrhoids – Five Herbs to Bring You Relief

By Renee Pullman

The use of herbs for treatment of hemorrhoids goes back to ancient times. There are many benefits for using herbal treatments including cost,availability, and effectiveness. To top off the benefits is while many modern treatments have site effects, herbal treatments have none.

Many of these herbs are found in today’s commercial preparations and they have formed the cornerstone of hemorrhoid treatment for many years. Most are easily found and can be used topically on the affected area. Herbs listed as astringents also cleanse the affected area. Removal of bacteria is important in helping heal hemorrhoids.

Here are the top five herbs useful for treating hemorrhoids.

Witch Hazel — This is a powerful astringent and it is often used in commercial preparations. Witch Hazel extract constricts blood vessels and so will reduce inflammation and swelling. Witch Hazel is most useful for external hemorrhoids.

Butcher’s Broom — Like Witch Hazel, Butcher’s Broom has the ability to constrict blood vessels but along with this it can also strengthen the blood vessels. This not only reduces inflammation it also helps prevent hemorrhoids from coming back.

Horse Chestnut — Seed from Horse Chestnut has been in use in Europe and Asia for hundreds of years for health purposes. It contains an enzyme called aescin which has been shown to improve elasticity of veins. Horse Chestnut has been used in treating both varicose veins and hemorrhoids.

Japanese Pagoda Tree — Long used for hemorrhoid treatment, extract from this tree is known to strengthen veins and improve their health. The extract also reduces the itching and pain that come along with hemorrhoids.

Aloe Vera — Aloe Vera can be directly applied to hemorrhoids and it reduces the burning associated with inflamed blood vessels.

These herbs are effective treatments for hemorrhoids. They are a few of many natural treatments for hemorrhoids. Alone the herbs are effective for mild cases of hemorrhoids but when used together and with diet and other common sense methods they can take on even severe cases of hemorrhoids. Older people often loose elasticity of the veins around the anus, thus Horse Chestnut is indicated as a treatment to help cure the condition.

As you begin to treat your hemorrhoids try to understand the cause. If you have difficulty using the bathroom you need to address that by increasing fiber in your diet. If you are over weight, suffer from poor posture, or cause your hemorrhoids by improper lifting then you need to eliminate these causes so you can treat and eliminate your hemorrhoids.

Non-surgical treatment of hemorrhoids using herbal treatment is the most cost-effective hemorrhoid treatment available.

Herbal treatments for hemorrhoids are just part of the natural arsenal to get hemorrhoids out of your life.

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