How Long Do Hemorrhoids Last?

Many people ask, “how long do hemorrhoids last?”  There are lots of factors involved that we will touch on here.  You also must learn to protect yourself against them.  Hemorrhoids are painful with terrible symptoms including pain, bleeding, itching and burning.  You should check out all the articles on this site about natural hemorrhoid treatment and learn to treat any symptoms early to avoid the full set of problems that can develop.

Hemorrhoids are caused first by bad diet.  The diet affects the strength of the blood vessels around your anus.  Diet also affects the stool which if too hard can put lots of pressure on these vessels during elimination.  Add fiber, add good fruits and vegetables to your diet.  Apples are particularly good.

But diet is the longer term solution to your problem, still you want to begin it now.

At the first signs of symptoms a sitz bath is in order.  This is simply Epsom salts in warm water and you sit in a tub allowing the waters to soothe and clean the area.  Follow it up with topical treatment by Witch Hazel and you begin to shrink the hemorrhoids and they be gone in as little as a week.

Failure to treat hemorrhoids may mean that they worsen particularly if your diet is bad and you strain on the toilet.  The diet is very important.  Failure to treat may mean your hemorrhoids will last a lifetime and that is not what you want.  Simple natural means may be all that is needed.

If you have a more serious case, by all means, begin doing these things but you need to learn some more advanced tactics for eliminating hemorrhoids.  Learn about a natural hemorrhoid cure.

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