Methods Used in Effectively Treating Hemorrhoids At Home Using Natural Methods

Supari Palm or Betelnut Areca catechu.

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Hemorrhoids can drastically reduce the quality of your life as you deal with the pain, the bleeding, the embarrassment.  There are many ways to treat hemorrhoids and in order to find the right ones for you, you first need to understand what causes hemorrhoids and what they are.

Hemorrhoids happen when the blood vessels around  the anus balloon out and become inflamed.  Ground work is laid to cause this condition by a bad diet.  A diet devoid of the nutrients that strengthen the walls of the vessels and a diet that causes constipation which puts pressure on the area causing the problems

Usually the condition starts internally and the constipation and hard stools increase the size and can psh the hemorrhoids out.  They become very painful and can clot.  You will have symptoms like bleeding, itching, and pain.

To effectively treat hemorrhoids begin to increase fiber in your diet by eating more fruits and vegetables.  Increasing your fiber intake you can eliminate constipation, one of the major causes of hemorrhoids, and you also get more micro nutrients that strengthen the vessel walls.

It is also good to exercise and reduce your weight.  Other means are sanitary.  Keep the area around your anus clean, avoid straining with bowel movement.

Natural Methods Effectively Treat Hemorrhoids

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