Piles The Common Name For Hemorrhoids

Diagram to show a variety of Hemorrhoids
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By Renee Pullman

Piles are the silent plague suffered by many but there is no need for that.  There are many effective natural remedies that you can use effectively and cure the condition where common medicines, cremes, and medical treatments have failed.

In medical terms piles or hemorrhoids are dilation of rectal vein in the anal canal.  Veins have thin walls that are relatively weak.  Back pressure with in the veins make them bulge out like ball0ons.

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Veins In The Rectum

There are 3 veins in the rectum, superior, middle, and inferior.  Obstruction or increased pressure can cause this ballooning effect along with pain an bleeding.  Constipation is one of the big causes of the extra pressure causing piles.  This is why a high quality, high fiber diet is important in both preventing and curing piles.

Caution: Hemorrhoids And Men Over 40

A High resolution Video Colonoscopy of a patient with internal Hemorrhoids and rectal cancer.
This video clip shows a common mistake that people use indiscriminately a rectal medicines for hemorrhoids like Apply a rectal cream, Hemorrhoidal Ointment Uses
Temporarily relief with out any medical check up
Any human being after a 40 year-old, should underwent every 5 years for a full colonoscopy for colonic polyps to be removed if not has the risk to develop a rectal or colon cancer.

The Two Types of Hemorrhoids/Piles

  1. External Piles –  These are seen outside the anal opening and are covered with skin.  As you can see in the picture, they appear black or brown.  These can be painful because of the many nerves in the area.
  2. Internal Piles – These are not normally visible as they are inside the anal opening.  These are red or purple and covered by mucus membrane.  As there are fewer nerve endings these piles may not be painful.

Since the same conditions can trigger either type of hemorrhoids it is possible to have both at the same time.  You may not even know that internal piles exist unless your doctor does an exam.

Common Symptoms of Piles

  1. Pain – as stated pain is common in external piles, bowel movements can be torturous.
  2. Bleeding – Bleeding may be profuse or you may only find it on the toilet paper as you clean yourself.
  3. Protruding Mass – With external piles you can feel the swelling around the anal opening.  Internal piles cannot always be detected but as they become worse they may protrude during a bowel movement and then retract by themselves on completion.  If the conditionbecomes worse the piles may not go back.  This is one of the causes of anal leakage.
  4. Itching and leakage – Sometimes there is a discharge of mucus which causes itching around the anal orifice.  It may be difficult to properly clean yourself and keep yourself clean.  This can also be accompanied by a smell.

Possible Complications of Piles

  1. Infection – Infection can spread to deep veins.  This is rare with hemorrhoids or piles but can require a trip to intensive care to flush the sepsis from the blood.
  2. Fibrosis – the piles harden and become fibrosed.  The anal opening hardens.
  3. Thrombosis – The blood in the piles clots and obstructs blood flow.
  4. Gangrene – in untreated hemorrhoids tissue and skin around thrombosed piles may die because the blood supply is cut off.
  5. Suppuration – resulting in abscess and discharge of pus.  This is a very painful state.

Medical Treatment of Piles

Normally piles are treated according to symptoms.  Constipation is treated, anemia is treated, and so on.  There are a number op medical treatments that can be applied to remove the piles.   Unless the cause is treated by lifestyle changes the piles may possibly return.

  1. Thrombosed external piles/hemorrhoids can be removed while under local anesthesia.
  2. Rubber band ligation can remove piles in the same way that testicles are removed from steers.
  3. Sometimes cryosurgery is used.
  4. Anal dilation can sometimes reduce constipation and pain.
  5. The surgical removal of piles is known as hemorrhoiddectomy.

Prevention and Natural Treatment of Piles/Hemorrhoids

  1. Increase fiber in your diet with lots of fruits and vegetables.
  2. Avoid processed foods
  3. Drink lots of water
  4. Use Witch Hazel on your toilet paper to clean yourself.  It will sooth hemorrhoids and shrink them because of it’s astringent properties.
  5. Sitz Bath is an effective treatment as well and should be used twice a day.

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